Ban on open grazing: Southern senators throws weight governors’ decision.

Following the decision of the southern governors to ban open grazing at a meeting in Delta yesterday, the Southern Senators Forum (SSF) has thrown its weight behind the ban and the movement of cattle by foot.

The decision to ban open grazing by the governors was taken after a meeting in Asaba, Delta state capital, on Tuesday.

The SSF in a statement on Wednesday, through Opeyemi Bamidele and Matthew Urhoghide, chairman and secretary of the forum, said the ban will reduce killings, destruction of property and kidnappings.

They said farmers in the south are losing millions of naira owing to the ravaging of food crops through encroachments by herders, adding that this is exposing the region to famine and acute food scarcity.

“At this critical point of our national life when the economy was being bedeviled by galloping inflation, youth unemployment and insecurity, food security is very crucial to mitigate the effects of these diverse evils on the citizens,” the senators said in a statement.

“Available records have shown that attaining food security status would remain a mirage in the south owing to the ravaging effect of outdated livestock grazing policy being unleashed on farmlands by some unscrupulous herders.

“Most appalling were the seemingly unabated kidnapping , raping and killing of our people by suspected herdsmen, who have become bandits heating up the system.

“With this uniform resolve by our governors to initiate no-open grazing policy, the region will return to its peaceful and agriculturally self -sufficient status it had assumed even long before Nigeria’s amalgamation in 1914

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