Elder Emmanuel Kayode Fawumi was born into the family of late PA Omirin Fawumi in 1946 at Iwaraja a suburb community in Ilesa in Osun State and shortly after his birth both parents died concurrently.

He became an orphan at the tender age of three and his early life was difficult because no parent to cater for him and bringing up in the way they would have wanted to cater for him,  he was left with members of family especially his immediate elder sister called Monisola with 6 years age different between them to cater for him, he struggled through life for many year with no guidance from anyone or help to see him through school but he was able to complete standard 6 education and because of his hunger for success and perseverance he decided to move to Lagos after his  elementary education while in Lagos he was enrolled as an apprentice to learn the business of logistics with majored in transportation and he was able to raise money to buy his first  saloon car for transport business and moved to Kano state which was another commercial hub in Nigeria at that time while in Kano he got married and started his family life from there he set up different business from Import and Export of goods, Automobile dealership and dairy Farm respectively which he used to trained all his children and are all successful in their different field .

He relocated to Ilesa during the Kano religious war between Christian and the Muslim, elder Emmanuel has produced   Banker, Engineers, Architects, Scientist, geologist, mathematicians, businessmen and women among his children and grandchildren, he truly lived a fulfilled life.

Elder Emmanuel Ajimo is well travelled to different country for business and leisure and among the country he visited is London, Paris, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Ghana, Switzerland, Japan Togo, Benin Republic and others.

He has dropped the Batton of leadership to his first son Olalekan Kayode Fawumi continue and guide all other children he left behind.

May his gentle soul rest in peace.

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