blankWife of soul singer Timi Dakolo, Busola Dakolo has alleged that controversial Abuja based pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the common wealth of zion (COZA) had canal knowledge of her against her wish.

Busola who is a celebrity singer’s wife and mother of three, made this shocking revelation in an interview on YNaija channel an online T.V.

In the interview, Mrs Dakolo said she was 16 in the Devine Delight Club at Ilorin Kwara state when Pastor Fatoyinbo raped her.

Explaining further in the interview, the celebrity photographer said she was raped at two different times in a week by the COZA pastor.

According to her allegation, she was firth raped at her parent’s home and another in an greed road path.

“Fatoyinbo showed up at our house unannounced early on Monday morning while I was still on my night gown, as my mother had travelled with my sisters and were absent at service the previous Sunday”

“Immediately I opened the door, he just pushed me, he didn’t say anything, he didn’t utter any word, he pushed me to one of the chairs in my living room”

“I saw him, he was removing his belt, he just said: keep quiet, do what I asked you to do and you will be fine”

He didn’t say anything after, left to his car returned with a bottle of krest and forced me to drink it, probably as some crude contraceptive”

Stating further, she said the pastor told her “you should be happy that a man of God did this to you” according to Mrs Dakolo, she has decided to speak up after several years because Pastor Fatoyinbo hasn’t changed and has continued to molest several other women.

In her words, “I have kept quiet over the years; I had to come out to say this because another narrative was being said.

Another reason she had to speak up was because of her husband who sometimes this year put up an instagram post accusing the COZA leader of condoning rape and sexual immorality assault.


If we could recall, not too long ago, sometimes this year, husband of the accuser, Timi Dakolo made some weighty revelation about pastor Fatoyinbo. His posts generated mixed reactions on the social media space. While some tongue lashed him, some supported his post.

Pastor Fatoyinbo, also known as “GUCCI PASTOR” is not always far from controversy. In 2013, a former church member, Ese Walter now married accused the flamboyant pastor of molestation abuse and manipulation.

Walter, however admitted that her romance with the Gucci pastor was consensual and that her anger was the way the church leadership handled the issue.


Aide of former Gov. of Ekiti Gov. Ayodele Lere Olayinka has attackd Busola Dakolo over the rape allegation on pastor Fatoyinbo the COZA leaders.

According to Lere olayinka, he said the rape allegation is a consensual rape. On his twitter handle. “To me it appears like a CONSENTED RAPE… but wetin I know self”

Also, former aide to president Goodluck Jonathan on new media Reno Omokri attacked the mother of three. According to Reno, Busola’s story does not add up and sounds fabricated. According to him, he never like pastor Biodun fatiyinbo of COZA for reasons he described as private but won’t fall for Mrs Dakolo’s claims.

“I have never liked Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA for reasons that I will not say publicly. Howver I am matured enough to divorce my emotions and be led by logic.

He advised those condemning the COZA to also detach their emotions from reality.

Stating further, he said the COZA pastor is too sleek and he doesn’t think a sleek person like the COZA pastor will rape a teenager in her parent’s house and during the process also goes out to get a drink.

“pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is too sleek, too sleek for my liking, what type of sleek man will rape an underage girl in her PARENT’S HOUSE. While HER SIBLINGS ARE AT HOME. And then leave her to go get a drink from his car, is this mass Hypnosis.

To him, those condemning the COZA pastor are doing so out of emotions and hysteria and advised them to look at the situation with LOGIC.

In his conclusion, to him the STORY rings very FALSE.

On the other hand, veteran broadcaster Funmi Iyanda says she believes Busola Dakolo and every word uttered and expects pastor Biodun to go to jail.

“On her twitter page, “I believe Busola Dakolo, every word she uttered; there are many layers of power, politics, manipulation and crime proven through her brave revelations.

I expect that pastor Biodun will go to jail or whatever the equivalent of that is in Nigeria .

Also Kayode Ogundamisi a UK based Anti-corruption campaign joined many Nigerians to condemn the alleged actions of the pastor.

Also aced presage and journals also joined in condemning the pastor over the alleged act and also got some harsh words for Lere Olayinka.

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