Can Bola Tinubu Keep to his promises towards Nigerians?


An open letter to Bola Tinubu by Lekki central mosque chief imam.

Dear Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu,

I do not ask to elicit an answer or incite agitation but to garner your attention. Ahead of the 2023 general elections, you have been traversing the nooks and crannies of the country making covenants with Nigerians and, indirectly, with God Almighty. With indications that you might emerge victorious in the plebicsite, you have a great burden waiting to fall on your shoulders, should you win. Will you keep faith with God and man?

By the way, let me first make a full disclosure on my political leaning. I belong to one party: clerical party whose members are meant to be political but not partisan – as spiritual leaders of all. Our own duty is to speak truth to power and keep political leaders on their toes, so that they can tread the Godly path of justice and fairness.

We pass life in stages; we part the world at different stations while no one knows the end of their earthly sojourn. The lucky live to the ripe age as your eminence. Those who die before may not be unlucky though, their legacies enliven them while the unsung heroes and the righteous rejoice in some inexplicable bliss in the Hades: there is God – the uncreated Creator of all creatures, and there is life after death. Hereafter is certain as this world is.

Your excellency, being a septugenarian, you are at the most critical stage of your life: a stage where you ought to renew your relationship with the Almighty God and rectify the mistakes of the past, so that you can have eternal bliss when death beckons much later.

Should you gain victory at the polls, consider it as an opportunity to please God and serve humanity by leaving lofty

 legacies  for posterity.

I do not see you lose this election- God willing.  Nor do I hereby prophesy your victory at the polls this year; we do not lie about God that He speaks to us. The Lord has already spoken about the most important things in His revelations to mankind, the last of which are the Gospel given to Jesus and the Qur’an revealed to Prophet Muhammad. Religious leaders are to guide people to the path of salvation in the hereafter and prosperity here; their role is not to make ridiculous and base prophesies. No one truly knows the future but God, except the information gleaned through scientific lens as the universe is already accurately programmed by God.

Your political acumen and leadership qualities have been legendary. Your competence and sagacity have not been convincingly called to question. But the Lord knows you best.

Should you win this election, your excellency, remember you would be having a unique time and rare opportunity to turn around the country and leave a great legacy for posterity. Life is short. With septuagenarians, it is shorter even though death is no respecter of person or age.

Should you become the president of Nigeria, remember you would be having your last chance to impact the world and leave enviable imprints in the minds of generations to come which your stupendous wealth can not achieve but power can.

Should you become the next leader of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, remember fear and hunger are the greatest nightmares a great number of Nigerians have to battle each day; people look for a messiah to reduce or remove the menace. You cannot appreciate God for your life better than bringing out millions of Nigerians out of abject poverty and excruciating lack.

Should you become the president, remember election is just a means to leadership, not a goal in itself. Therefore, let everyone be heard and respected: those who vote for you and those who would exercise their freedom otherwise. Victory is an opportunity to prove wrong the naysayers and the malcontents whose freedom of thought or bigotry or ethnocentrism guide their choices and voices.

Remain a team-player, and tap from the great varieties of human resources which Nigeria has been blessed with but which is not monopolised by your party or stalwarts.

Should you win this election, remember your religious affiliation had been a reason for which much dust was raised in your pursuits. Therefore, be a good ambassador of your faith, Islam, which teaches uprightness, dutifulness, fairness and exemplariness. ‘The most beloved of all people to God is a just and righteous ruler’- Prophet Muhammad said. “Allah commands justice and kindness and generosity to kith and kin. He forbids indecency, wickedness and transgression” Qur’an 16:90.

Nigerians want a police that is motivated and trusted. A police that never begs nor compromises.

Nigeria begs for education that is free of examination malpractices at all levels, motivated teachers and improved curriculum which can produce disciplined and skilled man-power. We want a country where the future of our youth is not blighted by cultism and hard drugs.

Nigeria has some natural resources that are not extracted or processed enough to benefit Nigerians but cornered by foreigners or are wasting away. Work to let Nigerians enjoy their God-given resources and potentials.

General elections waste lives and resources; can voting system be reviewed?

Nigerians want a clean and enabling environment that promotes good health, and good transportation networks and stable power to boost businesses and promote industry.

Nigeria wants an  efficient and transparent judiciary system where true justice is dispensed, rights are protected and hopes of the oppressed can be hinged. We want a country where impunity and corruption never define us.

We want a country where sanctity of life is respected and our women are not reduced to prostitutes and public properties.

We serve God when we honestly serve the people. We perfect ourselves when we have true faith in God and worship Him with sincere commitment and honest devotion. We are all on earth to choose where we are going to spend our eternity. No wise person jokes with God or hereafter.

May Allah bless your excellency.

Ridwan Jamiu,

Chief Imam, Lekki Central Mosque, Lagos.

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