Democracy day speech: Buhari laments daily loss of lives, says I live daily in grief and worry’.


As the country celebrates its annual democracy day With the maiden June 12 celebration, President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed his worries over the unabating security challenges being experienced across the country.

The president expressed his worries in a nationwide broadcast to commemorate Democracy Day on Sunday, Buhari said he is living with grief and worry for all those who are victims and prisoners of terrorism and kidnapping.

However, the president said he and the security agencies are working to ensure that all citizens that are in captivity are freed.

“On this special day, I want us all to put all victims of terrorist activities in our thoughts and prayers,” he said.

“I am living daily with the grief and worry for all those victims and prisoners of terrorism and kidnapping. I and the security agencies are doing all we can to free those unfortunate countrymen and countrywomen safely.

“For those who have lost their lives, we will continue to seek justice for their families against the perpetrators.

“For those currently in captivity, we will not stop until they are freed, and their kidnappers are brought to justice. If we all unite, we will be victorious against these agents of terror and destruction.”

The president said “assets” procured by his administration three years ago have arrived in the country and have been deployed in troubled areas of the country.

“We have reformed some of our security structures. Some of the defence assets we procured three years ago have arrived and have been deployed,” Buhari said.

“Our cyber security and surveillance systems are being upgraded to further enhance our ability to track and trace criminal elements.

“We are also recruiting and training new personnel across all our security and intelligence agencies to strengthen the country’s overall security.”

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