•SKIBANJ is passionate about youth, community developments – Says TMB Coordinator

Students of Junior and Senior Secondary schools across Oshodi-Isolo Local Government Area, stand a chance of participating and winning educational tablets and awards in the forthcoming edition of Mathematics Competition the SKIBANJ Foundation is sponsoring.

Chaired by Hon. (Amb.) Adebanji Atewogboye better known as SKIBANJ, the SKIBANJ Foundation partnered with an organization known as The Mathematical Brains (TMB) to identify, challenge and encourage students towards the drive in Mathematics as a subject.

The program, A Junior and Senior Secondary Mathematics Competition will commence in August, 2022, is also designed to augment the students’ brain for greater tomorrow.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the foundation, Hon. Adebaji SKIBANJ who quoted the statement of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of America, “a child miseducated is a child lost”; said that whatever children learn during their childhood can make or mar their future.

“So, I have decided to take my empowerment program further to include students of secondary schools in Oshodi-Isolo Local Areas via my SKIBANJ Foundation. This program would serve as a means of making future for students in the areas”

Hon. SKIBANJ, who is a prominent politician and philanthropist in the area, has made empowerment and welfares to people a tradition for the purpose of capacity building.

He said: “Every first term session of primary and secondary schools resumptions, I have always extend my philanthropic programs and welfares to them and even scholarship to students of high institutions.

“But the Mathematics Competition is a new concept from different perspective to challenge the students, encourage them with valuable prizes and awards and better their life” he justified the rationale behind the program.

On her part, the Coordinator of The Mathematical Brains (TMB), Mrs. Bukola Owolabi couldn’t hold back her joy, revealed that partnering with Hon. Adebaji Atewogboye SKIBANJ towards the program is a dream come true and being honoured.

Her words: “Partnering with Hon. SKIBANJ is something have always been looking forward to, because I’ve seen in him the zeal and passion he has towards developing the youths and his love for the community at large”

“So we really appreciate the audience he has given us so far and we hope to see more of this in this towards the community development. We believed that the program would discourage the minds of the young ones against social vices rampant in the society and to pose the participants to a greater tomorrow” she emphasized.

Registration Link: https//forms.gle/rkzLPFrCKBp74Hw56

Visit SKIBANJ Group Facebook Page for venues of the program.



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