ALAAFIN STOOL)  IF YOUR FATHER IS ALIVE, YOU CAN’T  BECOME AN ALAAFIN.  THIS  IS OYO:  PRINCE SIYANBOLA OLADIGBOLU .I don’t have  lengthy stories to tell to become The next Alaafin.
 I am a biological grandson of 40th Alaafin. Alaafin Abubakar Akanbi Siyanbola oladigbolu. The Son of the 39th Alaafin, oba Muhammad lawal agogoija, Son of 37th Alaafin, Alaafin adelu Agunloye. Son of 36th Alaafin, Alaafin Muhammad Soliu atiba atobatele, Son of the 29th Alaafin, alaafin Abiodun who reigned between 1774 to 1789.So if I have 5 stretch fathers who have ruled oyo as Alaafins. WHAT DO I NEED LENGTHY AND LIES HISTORIES FOR? NO, I DONT NEED IT. Who could be more royalty and dynastically traced more than myself? Absolutely no one. E GBE KINNI YI WA, EMI L’OKAN ( DON’T WASTE TIME,  CROWN THE CROWN- PRINCE NOW!IN EVERY RAMIFICATIONS OF CLASSIFICATION, I AM QUALIFIED TO BECOME THE NEXT ALAAFIN WHO SHALL MAINTAIN PEACE AND UNITY.I HAVE BEEN CROWNED SPIRITUALLY 11 DAYS AFTER THE PASSING OF THE  LATE ALAAFIN  ADEYEMI THE 3RD IN APRIL. (MHSRIPP)all I am waiting for is a real-life implementation which shall come to pass. SO SHALL IT BE. By GOD’S COMMAND. —–

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