Ishall be great, I am aspiring to be the next alaafin: crown prince siyanbola oladigbolu


OLADIGBOLU of the AGUNLOYE ruling house which turn is next to produce the next Alaafin, I am a grandson to the famous Alaafin SIYANBOLA AKANBI ONIKEPE OLADIGBOLU 1 ( 1911-1944)
I am a Mariner and Businessman based in Lagos, brought up in the ancient town of Oyo before moving to Lagos in 2008.
I am also among the contenders aspiring to fill the vacuum left by the Late Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III, We are done with the screening since late last year, I’m admonishing the Oyomesi to hasten the remaining part of the process to reposition our dear town to where we rightly belong in Yorubaland.

On the Alaafinate :
For Oba Adeyemi III to take Oyo this far from 1971 till April 2022 in terms of cultural heritage preservation, the new Alaafin must be ready to sustain the legacy and even go beyond the standards set by the immediate late Monarch.
The Unification of Yorubas worldwide has a lot to do with Alaafin and that’s why selecting new monarch must be carefully handled by the kingmakers.
An Alaafin must be intimidatingly vocal, culturally rich, fearful and warrior minded person. when I say warrior, Alaafin must be a defender of Yorubas anytime. But still, we need a development focusing king.
I possess the aforementioned qualities, and I promise to kick the ball rolling from where the immediate Late monarch stopped.
With the wealth of experiences i accumulated while working with various local and international investors, I can assure my Oyo people that the town is in safe hand if I ascend the throne by His grace.
Also, the preservation of our heritage, culture and values are sacrosanct.
I would like to end this write -up with a song that my grandfather (Alaafin SIYANBOLA AKANBI ONIKEPE OLADIGBOLU 1) sang during his screening exercise to succeed his father Alaafin LAWANI AGOGO-IJA;

” B’Ade ba yemi o
SEBI n o de
Bi o ba kan mi o
E felomiran o
Emi kii SoMo Ale ti d’eto ru
B’aba gbadetan o
SEBI Ile la nlo
B’aba gbadetan o
SEBI Ile la nlo
Eni oye o to si Nii d’eto ru
Iru won nidi Olote Oba o
Oyo mesi nbe IFA o, k’IFA le tun wa se
Iwo nro IFA o, k’Opele pa ounda o
T’alo balo, Abo nbo o
T’alo balo, Abo nbo o
K’Ifa Olokun soro mi dayo o”

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