It was nature that channelled my existence into a Royal family not my selection – Kolade Afeez Siyanbola Oladigbolu


My name is kolade afeez Siyanbola Oladigbolu, I am the ceo of  ROYAL COLONY LTD

Q1 And A1
i was born into the family of prince azeez akano siyanbola oladigbolu , who happened to be one of the sons of the late Alaafin Abubakar akanbi siyanbola onikepe oladigbolu, the 41st and 2nd longest serving alaafin of oyo.

I went to st mary rcm primary school asogo oyo,  then proceeded to anglican methodists secondary school.  I was in ss1 before my father came up with idea of changing my school And that propelled me to islamic comprehensive high school, ibadan where I eventually completed up my secondary level.
I went federal college of fisheries and marine technology in  Victoria Island Lagos where i studied nautical science, From there I proceeded to regional maritime university in Accra where I obtained my CW, STCW, RM, COC Certificate and currently looking forward to have my masters as a mariner.

Growing up was funfair to me because I never knew the journey of life is never a straight road journey.
Q2 &A2

Answer no2

Oyo empire is a Yoruba state north of Lagos which is the present-day southwestern Nigeria, that dominated the Era during its apogee (1650–1750), most of the states between the Volta River in the west and the Niger River in the east. It was the most important and authoritative of all the early Yoruba principalities.

By the 18th century CE , half of the slaves taken from Africa came from the southern coast of West Africa, and the area controlled by the Oyo Empire Were the Kingdom of Dahomey (c. 1600 – c. 1904 CE, modern Benin), and the Kingdom of Benin – the Bight of Benin – came to be widely known as simply the ‘Slave Coast’ and the ‘Gold Coast’ is another lucrative trade hub, was further to the west). There were two main reasons why the slave trade centred here: firstly it was one of the most densely populated areas of Africa reachable by the Europeans and secondly the Oyo Empire, and to an even greater extent the Kingdom of Dahomey, provided the necessary command infrastructures to organize the movement of slaves from the interior to the coast. In return, the Oyo received European goods which they could use for themselves or trade with neighbouring states. Despite an oral tradition that minimises the Oyo’s involvement in the slave trade, the Oyo Empire certainly used slaves within its own state structures – many officials in the administration and military, for example, were of slave origin – much more so than in other states in the region


Like I said earlier, I am a mariner and have sailed on difference sea vessels across Nigeria territorial waters and some African countries like Ghana, Liberia  Benin republic and Malabo.  

 are you not wondering how a mariner became a real estate developer? That’s is what I meant by saying the journey of life is never a straight route.

For some reasons, I will like to skip some and say some because I actually passed trough canal before getting to Canada. Pardon me for using such slang but I puposely used it so that you can have idea of the ones I will say nothing about.

Royal colony was incorporated 10 years ago as a real estate development company. And we have immensely contributed to the development of lekki ajah real estate department in terms of making home ownership easier,by making flexible plans for low income earners and developing virgin land area thereby bringing growth and development to Real estate in such remote areas.


Nigeria is on the list of the top countries where real estates investment &development is friendly .
Lagos is the most expensive city in Africa. In Ikoyi, the average price of three-bedroom apartments was NGN 150 million (US$393,700) in H1 2020 while five-bedroom apartments are sold for an average price of NGN 450 million (US$1.18 million).
In other popular areas outside Lagos is
Abuja the capital city of Nigeria, is experiencing increasing interest from both local and foreign investors. In Maitama, an upscale neighborhood in Abuja, the average price of four-bedroom apartments was NGN 200 million (US$519,575) while five-bedroom apartments were sold for NGN 365 million (US$948,224) in H1 2020.
In Ibadan, the capital and most populous city of Oyo State, the average price of four-bedroom apartments range from NGN 71 million (US$184,449) in Alalubosa to NGN 25 million (US$64,947) in Akala Rivers, the average prices of three- and five-bedroom apartments were NGN 40 million (US$103,915) and NGN 75 million (US$194,840), respectively.
In Ogun, the average price of three-bedroom apartments stood at NGN 11.5 million (US$298,756) while it was NGN 30 million (US$77,936) for five-bedroom apartments.
So , all this prices I mentioned above can actually get you home or apartment anywhere under the sky. So if Nigeria properties should be on the list of africa luxury property, I think it’s going to be lunatic for anyone to say Nigerian is not doing well in terms of development.

Well, I will not say government is not helping the real estate development in Nigeria but they need to pay special attention to housing issues and most importantly in every state capital because you hardly see anyone homeless in the villages. The reason why am saying this is real estate developers will always make more money anywhere in the world,The government are takes low cost housing for granted.
And also, the cost of materials have to be looked into so that the properties prices will comes down too. You cant expect me as a developer to sell a house or apartment at the rate It was sold when cement was N1,750 and now selling about N3,500. The iron reinforcement that was sold N165,000 per ton now sells for N300,000
And most annoying is POP (plaster of Paris) cement that was sold for N3000 now sells for about N9000. And all this materials are important apart from cement. So if government can work on this outrageous prices , the property prices will reduced drastically in no time.


There’s no proper company without a mission and a vision. I think the vision and mission of royal colony ( HOME FOR ALL) is enough for any serious and ready investor to invest and key into our helpful opportunities because no matter how much you earn, we will provide a home for you. The Architecture and structural Design we offer are very top class, paramount & essential with uncompromising Quality finishes

There’s time for everything in life. It is my Idiosyncrasies in life not to mix personal life with business and that’s what every successful personalities does.

I am entrepreneur who have so much believe in positively touching lives no mater what. I have so many good plans for Nigerians not only my people in oyo. Because any successful and reasonable business owners must give back to the society that made you who you are.
On the side of throne, I am a dedicated and God fearing practicing Muslim. And Holy Quran says only God knows tomorrow.

It was nature that channelled my existence into a Royal family not my selection. I have never envisioned that happened but if almighty Allah who is in charge

Like I said earlier, its very wrong and satanic for a successful man not to give back to his society,his people and community at large. I have so many good plans for every Nigerians generally and will always defend my people. I dont want to give details for now because anything that’s is been talked about is no longer a plan. It is called a plan because it is a secret. May almighty Allah make it achievable. Amen


It’s been rough and rigorous but I never had a thought of quit. There’s an adage in oyo, tita riro ni afi nkola, to ba san tan lo un gunrege (meaning , the tribal mark inscriptions will always be drew in pains and lost of blood, when it get healed it becomes beauty,fashion and people would says it’s befitting. If you have no story of pains, there will be no story of gains,so no pain no gain
I seriously prepared for challenges to the extent challenges has became a normal things to me because uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. May be that’s why my friends calls me the goal getter.


We are currently executing an ongoing project of 8 units of luxury terraces in lekki and will be completed by first week of March 2021 before we move to our new project of 100 units of luxury houses with a flexible payment structure over a period of two years .The land has been secured and waiting for  aproval from government before the commencement.

Q12&A 12

I so much believe in competitions because it makes me more dedicating and stronger. What ever you do and you dont have competitors, you wouldn’t know whether people are really okay and getting better service with your offering or they just find themselves in a state of where desired is not available, the available ones becomes desired.
At royal Colony homes, we always have a new discovery and innovations that can never be cited in others projects,which is part of our core values.


 swimming ,footballing.,Reading and Researching for new ideas


I am lover of history .
I have travelled wide and will still do so,
But there are historical places under the surface of earth that I will like to visit because of their archaeological discoveries and natural Artifacts like the Old palace of mansa kankan musa of old Mali empire in mali,  Ethiopia. where you see massive land where humans have never lived before,Waldof Astoria in Israel. And most importantly the center of the world ( KAABA) in Saudi Arabia
And burial ground of prophet Muhammad Rosuullahi PBH.

Q15&A 15
Well, am a young man who always need people’s advices Too to grow and aspire for greater lofty heights. So I will advice from my wealth of experience to my peers from what I learnt from other people . You see this current generation youths are so blessed with technological   gadgets we had no access to while growing up, but unfortunately they channelled it to unproductive activities. Imagine where you and I would have been if there was internet when we were growing up, despite the unavailability of all this technological Gadgets majority of us still came up with good grades from higher institutions. The youths should engage in things that are productive not over who is the best between two singers. And they should be more creative than looking for palliative of sudden wealth or fast wayward life

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