Jaruma teaches women technic on how to lure their men into sex in a recent video on her IG Page


In a recent video uploaded on Instagram by Jaruma, she said that the man seen in the video is not the father of her children and just a model.

In the video she said sometimes men won’t want to touch you so she advises ladies out there to put horse power which is one of her product in series into their husbands or fiancé drinks and don’t let them go outside in other for the man not to cheat on the women due to the drink but stay at home and beg them to be touched.

click the link below to see the video


Jaruma also stated that ‘’the sex industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and the industry will never die meaning Jaruma will forever be relevant and forever be in business’’, stating again that the man in the video is just a model and not the father of her children.

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