Lagos State CP. Hakeem Odumosu recounts Last moments with His mother before she Passed on.


Lagos state CP Mr Hakeem Odumosu has revealed the last moments he spent with his late mum before she passed on

The number 1 COP in Lagos made the revelation while addressing his men who came to pay a condolence visit to him.

He said his mother is dead and he gives thanks to God because his mother did not die in vain and poverty, while urging them not be sorry for him but rather should be congratulated.

The CP further jokingly told his men that they will be detained if he hears sorry from their mouths.

In his speech, he said his mother lived for 88years and that is a long time to live here on earth, because according to the koran and the Bible, the actual no years is 70years, and anything over that was overtime and his mother had extra 18years.

He advised his men to always take care of their people (family ) using himself as an example. He recounts his last moments with his mother and said he was with her the previous day before she passed that she prayed for him throughout his visit, And she asked him to leave and told him to go that nothing will happen to him that He will be guided by her.

He left and a few moments later he was called to be told that Mama has passed on. In his words I’m happy and I thank God because she saw me come into this world, and she did not end up becoming the one to Burry me.

So don’t tell me sorry , rather tell me Congratulations. She celebrated her 88years in March and has 28 great-grandchildren and I have 12 grandchildren.

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