Mele Kyari asks Nigerians to stop panic buying of petrol


By Deborah Osagiede

Shortly after President Tinubu while giving his inauguration speech announced that Subsidy has come to an end, Nigerians trooped to the fuel stations in fear that petrol will be scarce and more expensive.

Kyari in a media briefing said he welcomes the removal of subsidy and also assured Nigerians that petrol is available and so no need for panic buying.

In kyari speech, “The decision of Mr president to announce that subsidy of fuel is over and this has really been a major challenge for NNPC since government is unable to reframe the cost of subsidy that’s due to operation and we believe that this will bring resources for the NNPC to do great works that the company will do for our country and it allows us to continue and function as a very commercial entity”. He said.

He also ensured Nigerians that they is sufficient supply of electronic product in the country and they is no reason to panic. 
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