More troubles await Igboho as FG set to prosecute him in Nigeria after detention in Benin Republic.


More troubles await the embattled self acclaimed Yoruba activist Sunday Adeyemo better known as Sunday Igboho following the statement credited to Abubakar Malami, attorney-general of the federation, who said the federal government may prosecute Igboho , the ‘Yoruba nation’ agitator after his detention in Benin Republic.

Igboho has been in detention in Benin republic since July 2021, After he was arrested at Cardinal Bernardin International Airport, Cotonou over alleged possession of a forged passport.

Days before he was arrested in Benin Republic, he had been declared wanted by the Nigerian government.

Since then, he has been in a prison facility in the West African country

On Sunday, Yomi Alliyu, counsel to the agitator, said the government of Benin Republic has extended Sunday Igboho’s detention time by six months.

Speaking on Igboho detention , Malami, in an interview on Channels Television on Monday, said the federal government will not interfere in the prosecution of the activist in Benin Republic since his alleged offence is a breach of the law of a foreign nation.

“It is a matter being prosecuted in a foreign country and within the context of that prosecution — one thing that is apparent and visible is that he has been taken to custody on account of breaching laws applicable in a foreign nation. With that in mind, he is being prosecuted,” he said

Asked if there are efforts to bring Sunday Igboho to Nigeria, the attorney-general said the federal government will allow the law of Benin Republic that was allegedly breached to take its “natural course”.

“We will allow the law of a nation that was indeed breached to take its natural course and then perhaps, maybe thereafter bring him back home after the conclusion of the trial over there for the purpose of facing the Nigerian law that was accordingly breached,” he added.

“The position of things is we are not interfering in aborting the existing prosecution in the foreign land, taking into consideration that the laws that were alleged to have been breached were indeed the laws of the foreign nation.”

Asked if there is a possibility of a political solution, Malami said a political solution is not possible since the activist is standing trial in a foreign nation.

He said a political solution may be considered when the agitator returns to Nigeria.

“In terms of a political solution taken into consideration, he is standing trial in a foreign land. What is the political solution can we bring there?” he said.

“Not in terms of when he is standing trial at the foreign nation, so perhaps those considerations may be considered or perhaps brought to bear when he is eventually brought back after the conclusion of the trial at the foreign nation.”

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