Presidential election: observed threats to Tinubu’s victory.



 Barring unforeseen circumstances, Nigeria’s presidential election will be held on February 25,

  1. So, as the D-day nears us by the eyelids, we are akin to focusing on the grand agenda
    of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in producing Nigeria’s next president and plausible
    threats to Bola Tinubu’s ultimate ambition in politics. Obviously, APC covets support from
    all the geo-political and ethno-religious divides, just like any other political party with a
    determination to coast home to victory in an election. But, as the popular saying
    goes, ‘charity begins at home.’
    For Tinubu, the Southwest is his domicile political zone while the Yoruba nation is his ethno-
    religious base. With regard to the forthcoming election, one major problem that’s likely to
    threaten the presidential prospect of the former governor of Lagos State is the divergence in
    the loci of power in the Yoruba nation. Sincerely, never in history has the Yoruba nation been
    divided about a cause that’s supposed to be homogenous; a cause that’s supposed to be a one-
    for-all agenda in structure and texture. Of a fact, Tinubu is not just representing the APC but
    also the Yoruba race! Nevertheless, the prevalence of multiple loci of power and influence
    centres such as ‘Afenifere’ and ‘Igbimo Agba Yoruba’ and ‘Afenifere Renewal
    Group’ (ARG), none of which is speaking with one voice, is a formidable problem; and the
    most noticeable of this vote-splitting catalyst is the Ayo Adebanjo version of antagonism.
    Only recently, Adebanjo did not only urge Nigerians not to vote for Tinubu but also made an
    assertion that the “Northerners won’t vote for him”; which therefore means that the APC flag-
    bearer should go back to the drawing board.
    Since politics is a game of number, if what the Afenifere leader is saying holds water, then
    genuinely, that’s dangerous! Besides, if, indeed, the North wants to play a game with the
    South, then, the latter has actually played into the hands of the former because, once the
    North activates the non-negotiability motto of ‘One North, One People’, then, that may affect
    the complexion of ’BATified.’ Unfortunately, the people back home, where Tinubu is
    supposed to garner bulk votes, are not speaking with one voice. If not well-managed
    therefore, this may be a terrible principality against a worthy dream. Without doubt, until
    there’s a supervised census that comes with true figures, Nigeria will always have a long way
    to go! 
    The other threat has to do with the people currently milking the resources of Nigeria with
    crass insensitivity. As we know, Tinubu is a guru when it comes to Public Finance; and he
    knows what to do to make Nigeria work! But let it be known that those who are currently
    sucking her blood will not want to give in so easily. No! They will stop at nothing, even if it
    involves bringing in external forces! Interestingly, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is in
    their hands; and they control the transportation system! Tragically, too, recent events have
    shown that a moving train can be stopped and its passengers kidnapped for ransom! Needless
    to repeat that the terrorism, banditry and others currently doubling Nigeria’s troubles may
    also not be unconnected with calculated attempts to ensure that things are not easy for
    Nigeria’s handlers. Indeed, that’s how retrogressive Nigeria has become! Except one wants to
    be economical with the truth, respite is after the elections; and it depends on the outcome of
    the elections!

Another serious problem is yellow journalism, vis-à-vis misinformation. If not competently
controlled, this problem may not only be for the forthcoming elections but also the
dismemberment of the Nigerian society. If not properly handled, it is a chaotic problem that
may set the country ablaze. As things stand, the newspaper industry is ailing. Thus, it cannot
afford to hire the best of hands to run its affairs. So, it compromises on almost everything.
The social media have taken over but, unfortunately, their contents are not verifiable; and
sources may not be determined in time. Impliedly, the menace of social media may decapitate
the gains of democracy, if left unchecked.
The effectiveness of the security profile in Nigeria, before, during and after the elections, is
also key; for it will determine everything! Again, that may threaten Tinubu’s prospect as
Nigeria’s next president, if not well-managed! For instance, if a grenade is thrown in Kaduna,
and another in Daura, the perpetrators may not need to come to Ijebu-Jesa, my Native
Nazareth, before the message is taken. After all, the Bimodal Voter Authentication System
(BVAS) cannot accredit a ghost town or an empty space! Once that happens, our brethren
from the other side may come up with reprehensibly fictitious figures. And, if the BVAS
reports are able to dance to the melodious tunes of Form EC8A, then, that will be the ‘end of
The functional capacity of the country’s infrastructure is another major challenge. For
example, should the national grid misbehave on the day of the election, thereby throwing the
country into darkness, then, Nigeria will be a tale too horrible to tell!
One other important problem that the people don’t take seriously is the measure of the
political will of the powers-that-be to see the election through; and anyone who takes this
important factor for granted may find himself or herself to blame. Talking seriously, it
behooves the political will of the man in power to make sure that the election sails through. If
he doesn’t, no matter the pretence and/or the abracadabra in governance, nothing is secured!
For instance, if, behind the scene, President Muhammadu Buhari refuses to hand over power,
nothing can be done!
Lastly, that poverty is weaponized and greed is ubiquitously pervasive in Nigeria is no longer
news! Therefore, public administration cannot but be problematic! For most people, politics
is just to secure the means of livelihood, not to develop a neighbourhood, community or
country. That’s why, by the time a man who goes into politics wearing a pair of bathroom
slippers is given a N26 million car with other perks of political office to boot, he moves on!
So, thousands of other guys are waiting for the next term, when they, too, will have to fight
for public office.
According to a Yoruba adage, ‘Aja to yo kii ba aiyo s’ere!’ (A well-fed dog does not relate
with a hungry one). Undeniably, poverty in Nigeria has created a pool of both the
unemployed and the unemployable; and the hope of getting even “crumbs which fall from
their masters’ table” can keep some people perpetually attached to the powers-that-be,
whether they have steady incomes or not. Added to this is that politicians in this part of the
world are the most difficult people to deal with. Why? They forget their associates and
followers easily! This is demoralizing! It’s also a disgrace! Therefore, since a hungry man is
an angry man, a situation whereby politicians are being used and managed as factory workers
shouldn’t be encouraged. A factory worker holds allegiance to a particular factory, because
that’s where he or she works. He reports there, as directed; and gets paid for work done at the
end of the month. The salary is meant to make him stay alive as well as maintain his or her

family. On the contrary, a political foot soldier is a freelance worker without a root; which
makes him or her very fragile and dangerous, because he or she switches allegiance at the
slightest provocation!
May the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, grant us peace in Nigeria!
*Komolafe wrote in from Ijebu-Jesa, Osun State, Nigeria ( )

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