Scores killed’ in a shout spree at a Denmark shopping mall


Tragedy has struck the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen as scores of people have confirmed killed, following a shooting at a shopping centre in Denmark.

The unfortunate tragedy happened on Sunday at the Field’s shopping mall in Copenhagen, the Denmark capital.

Field’s is said to be the largest shopping centre in Denmark, with over 140 shops and restaurants.

Reacting to the shooting, Soeren Thomassen, chief inspector of police, was quoted as saying a 22-year-old Danish man has been arrested in connection with the shooting, while “several persons” are dead.

He, however, said it wasn’t yet clear what the motive of the attacker was, adding that he could not rule out an “act of terrorism”.

In a message posted on its Facebook page, the mall also confirmed the arrest, adding that the place has been locked down.

“Dear all, several people were shot Sunday night in Fields. Police have made one arrest, but are still working in and around the centre,” the post reads.

“The area is locked off and everyone is urged to maintain distance. If you have been to the Fields and seen or heard anything that could help the investigation, you are encouraged to contact Copenhagen Police on 1-1-4.

“If you have been in the Fields this evening, we, like Copenhagen Police, encourage you to contact your relatives. Copenhagen Police are constantly updating on the development of the case on Twitter.”

Another post on the mall’s Facebook page indicated that it wasn’t yet possible for customers to access their cars.

“On top of today’s tragic event, we get a lot of questions in our inbox, and unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to answer you. Basically Field’s will not open until police say yes. Same goes for parking areas where all parking fees are suspended,” it reads.

“We will post on our social media when it will be possible to access your car again. Our thoughts are with the victims and their relatives of this tragic incident.”
According to BCC, an eyewitness identified as Emilie Jeppesen, said there was panic among shoppers as gunshots were heard inside the shopping mall.

“You didn’t know what was happening. Suddenly, there was just chaos everywhere,” Jeppensen was quoted as saying.

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