Sultan queries intelligence agencies over continuous Killings, claims casualty figures are underreported.

  • we buried 76 people in one day in Sokoto – SULTAN

Following the continuous killings across the country, Sa’ad Abubakar, the Sultan of Sokoto has queried the inability of security and intelligent agencies to apprehend the culprits while also declaring that the number of people killed by criminals across the country is underreported. 

The Monarch made these remarks while speaking at the 3rd quarter 2021 meeting of the intra-religious council in Abuja on Thursday, while acknowledging that the level of insecurity in the country has worsened.

Sultan also said there was a time 76 residents in the state were killed and buried in one day, and another 48 person on another day. He said these incidents were not reported.

The Sultan also queried the intelligence agencies over their inability to identify the culprits.

“In eastern Sokoto alone, there was a day we buried 76 persons, who were killed in cold blood by criminals who came from nowhere, people don’t hear about that one. There was another day we buried 48 persons in the same Sokoto, but you didn’t hear about it,” Abubakar said.

“How can people, who do these things, be unknown? Where are our intelligence agencies? Don’t we have a proactive intelligence agency that will think ahead of the bandits?

“All the people committing such atrocities must be identified. The security agencies must up their game, find them and take action on this kind of carnage. If we start doing so, all this carnage we see in this country will stop.”

Abubakar advised the government to seek help from “foreign powers to come and play the game we don’t know how to play”.

“I am making these comments with all seriousness because we are so disturbed by the way things are going,” he said

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