We usually underrate the magical power of the word, “NO”. NO is often used negatively to express dissent, denial, or refusal in response to a question or request.

It is also used to emphasize or introduce a negative statement.

Last week a friend requested to use my car at a point in time when I needed to be attending an important event with my family. Since he promised bringing it back in less than an hour, I decided risk it.

 Do you know that with so much calls, pleadings and threats, I finally got the car and a basket full of stories after 3 days. Thinking back on it, I realized that the inconveniences and stress that my family and I went through within that 3 days could have been averted if only I had  just uttered those two magical letters “NO” 

Let’s be objective here: saying “Yes” to everyone is stressful and selfish, which is also not good for your mental, physical and spiritual health. You must accept that its ok to say no.

A lot of people struggle to say, “No” when asked to do something, because they don’t want to be the harbinger of bad news. People say “Yes” for different reasons which may include that;

a. You want to demonstrate willingness and commitment

b. You’re worried it could affect your prospects

c. You want to be seen as a team player

d. You think others may not like you if you say “No”

e. You genuinely want to help or you don’t want to jeopardize your relationship and feel guilty afterwards. 

It’s never nice to hear the word “No”. It represents everything from rejection, to failure and to missing out.

However, understand that with or without you the world will still move on. So you have to be real to yourself because life is like a bicycle, to keep moving you must maintain your balance.

 Consequently, the magical power of saying “No” lies within your ability to understand that you can’t please everyone and neither can control their opinions about you no matter how nice you are to them. 

As Michael Hyatt pointed out “If we don’t say, “No”, other peoples’ priorities will take precedence over ours, mere acquaintances or people we barely know, will crowd our time with family and close friends, we will not have the time we need for rest and recovery, we will end up frustrated and stressed, we won’t be able to say “Yes” to the really important things”.

So, know when to say “No” and say it with all sincerity. It’s magical!

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